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Re: Mage in update

From a diff thread in the Mage class forums: Hi there Just to let you know what has changed, we haven't made any changes to lures, the only thing that changed was we fixed a bug for enemies where their resist could go below 0 which caused all sorts of funny damage numbers to happen (like the 32000 ...

Re: Before and after

We wouldn't have so many problems with damage if we could actually use the lure.. I think even more important than decreasing npc resists is to allow us to even use lure at all. If the max damage we are going to do (my level) is 200... I am already doing 150 damage when lure actually works vrs the ...

Re: Before and after

I went the same route except for the wand. Instead of the Ancient Golden Scepter I bought the Golden Scepter of Blizzards. I really regret blowing around 65k on it... Aside from the animation it doesn't seem any different damage-wise than my old Vicious Scepter. Maybe that's just because Mage spells...

Re: Ranger

Just out of curiosity, how is there a ranger sub-forum in the Danu World forum?

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