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Re: Yea I have a question for owners/admins and others

- Try using your Protect Melee skill. At higher levels it boosts your armor dramatically. You gain defense through your dexterity stat. The two are separate. - Also the drop rate is pretty decent. Shalemont mobs drop gear with an average worth of 50 gold and Stonevale has drops averaging 70 gold. - ...

Re: Class specific weapons/armor

Hi, Basically for weapons and skills you need to be able to train in them for them to be effective. This all relates to your Abilities which determine how well you can use a certain weapon or skill. Your first step should be speaking to the class trainers in Farcrag Castle and then speaking to the s...

~~~ Bloodbinder Defeated ~~~

IMG_0247.PNG Congratulations to everyone who helped out for the first Bloodbinder kill on Taranis! Great teamwork, no pots or elixirs used! :P Group: Daledo - The Order CION - Tigerdragon Crandos - The Order Augustina - The Order Skittens - Tigerdragon Plague (my Mage) - The Order The reward for co...

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