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Re: Proposed changes/improvements to the stonevale bosses

The proposed improvements sound great and should make it a lot easier for players to get their hands on the best gear in the game. One thing I would like to point out is that all of these bosses have been killed without using potions or elixirs even after the recent patches. Here's a pic of our rece...

Re: Dsgrendar is picking on me

Dsgrendar has been a quality mod since the game was in its beginning stages pre-update1. Not only has he earned the respect and support from the community, but also has not in any way shape or form over stepped his bounds. Anyway, I think there should be more moderators moderating our forums. One m...

Re: The Blue party hat effect

After taking a look through your other posts it's clear that every suggestion you have comes directly from RS (e.g. a prayer skill, dragon bones, capes, the Wilderness, and so on).
Here's a suggestion: Go play RS instead. Everything you're asking for is already there. ;)

Re: The Blue party hat effect

Druids were pretty important in Celtic times, maybe we could see some events based on their world like the Ritual of Oak and Mistletoe . I guess you skipped that part. Events are fine, I would just rather see events that are unique to CH. I also agree that having other activities like making armor ...

Re: The Blue party hat effect

Do we really need to make Celtic Heroes and exact clone of RuneScape? Discontinued items and holiday events are one thing, but copying entire events like the Halloween event with the Grim Reaper is going a little too far. I've also noticed a lot of ideas posted elsewhere that are ripped right out of...

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