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Re: Rip off

This Hassan guy is a real problem. He keeps trying to sell me a whole bunch of overpriced items and keeps spamming me to trade him after i say no. I'm willing to bet that Hassan pulled the coins and necklace out of the trade before cooper noticed. Just seems like something this guy would do.

Re: -_Everfear_-

i tried to sign up for the site. kept telling me something was missing. even tried the audio confirmation. i'm positive i entered it correctly... Its a bit difficult. Are you sure you checked that is was case sensitive and all? The captcha codes there are different than anything that I've ever seen...

Re: Wolves raffle draw

You can continue the raffle if you would like. It just seems like to much for me to run, so if you or some other member wants to do it. I also don't want it to be burdened on all the members too, so only those who are willing to pay into it. It seems like something with our large clan, it may work w...

Re: Alliance - Official Clan Thread

hey actually it was you who said hello perfect thunderstorm lover! dont say THAT! it wont make a clean server. What? i never did anything like this. I left Morrigan over a month ago, even deleted all my characters there. I'm even raising one of the strongest clans in Arawn, you can look at my threa...

Re: -_Everfear_-

Just made a well needed overhaul on the main post. added a list of our members and a bit of a better description.

Re: Post Your Favorite Bands/Artists

Haha, attack attack... I used to listen to the harder stuff a lot more, but I've been falling into the lighters metalcore stuff now. I just started getting into Fleshgod Apocolypes. I do still enjoy some Nile and Anaal Nathrahk a lot, just dont listen to it as much. Im glad that you answered a bunch...

Post Your Favorite Bands/Artists

I'm interested in knowing what you guys listen to. I'm impressed that no one made this thread yet. I listen to a lot of Melodic Metal, Metalcore, and Electronicore. All metal, just very different kinds. I'm currently into In Flames, Fail Emotions, and Attack Attack. I listen to a lot more, thats jus...

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