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Re: Maximum DPS Output

Corrupt wrote:
penvro gillilan wrote:
Corrupt wrote:
thats just unfair

lol a bit jelly are we


tbh i reallly am jelly also mainly becuase i see people running around in dragonlord or exalted dragon lord and im walking around with part warden part metor

Re: Maximum DPS Output

http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b516/MortalCreed_Avalon/06A88AB2-0C5E-4F37-8324-ACEB9340BF17_zpsmx9v7nxj.png this is my build ATM. http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b516/MortalCreed_Avalon/B5432A0B-AEF9-41C1-832E-4A68312C80E3_zpsfykdpfna.png thats just unfair lol a bit jelly are we ;)

Re: druid building

DarkDruid67-Taranis wrote:
penvro gillilan wrote:im going to assume that i have a good build since ive gotten no responses let me know if y think differently

At level 35 you just go with the flow, no need to worry about builds and stuff

im now lv 57

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