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Need a supplier

I need someone on Fingal server who goes on often and can supply me with hp lix energy lix and xp lix let me know your ign if you are able to fulfill this job
IGN penvro gililan LV 131 ranger

Re: AH

Wardon-CH wrote:Which is why they take a portion of your money from each item sold in the auction. :D

true true


im so happy i have had trouble selling my stuff in the past login post a couple rings and boom sold in a few minutes otm thx so much i am forever in your debt.

need a supplier

im looking for someone that can provide bounty pledges to me when i need which is fairly often lol right now ive been shouting in castle and lirs reach but not many people sell so basically i need someone that is online quite often plus can supplie me with pledges quite often plz let me know

Re: Maximum DPS Output

penvro gillilan wrote:
Corrupt wrote:

tbh i reallly am jelly also mainly becuase i see people running around in dragonlord or exalted dragon lord and im walking around with part warden part metor

Lol don't worry. I'm 220 with no EDL, just DL. :lol: :lol: :lol:

yeah im lv 118 with full meteor and metor bow im am jelly

happy so far

penvro gillilan here im happy so far found no bugs so far i really enjoy the idea of a AH its pretty cool. now the barber shop i havent messed with much but so far everything works like a charm good job otm

Re: beta

Muldar wrote:
penvro gillilan wrote:oh that sux well then do we get some sort of reward becuase we beta tested i know some games do this

Closed Betas we limit testers and gift rewards.

Open Beta anyone can join and we do not send out rewards.

ok thx

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