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Re: Comp servers

This is actually a really good question, is there such a thing as friendly competition in CH? Or does it always end up being hostile? How can u expect people to have friendly competition in ch when u make the drops as lame as they are? Only a few people actually get something from raids if that, it...

Re: Comp servers

Eurydice2 wrote:Are there any comp servers where the clans are relatively evenly matched and also nice to each other?... Just asking for a friend :D

Not arawn :D

Edit: Just to clarify, Arawn is the farthest from Eury’s idea.

Re: New Clan: Stronghold of Arawn

https://i.postimg.cc/FzDqTWNB/7-BBFCC70-2-C08-4-A68-A908-13-F151791-F82.jpg I saw this aswell i already told him to cut that unfathomable stuff out, hasnt been an issue since, aswell as that was before the clan was made and we established anything prior. Eitherway since i told him to knock it off t...

Re: 225+ mobs?

Just making a post here the “what-if” scenario that the developers have mobs going up to lvl 225+ in the new area and the new boss would be 225+. (Along with 225+ bounties) It would definitely have a rejuvenation of members as everyone would rush to the new area to start lixing to get to 225, buyin...

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