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Re: Global Auction House

Current votes I went back to see who was for the idea and who was against it. Let me know if I put your name in the wrong category or if you have changed your mind. For : me (of course), Rameyrat, Soccer, Lucerin, Thane, Ridd, Chaotic, Swisscheese88, PeruvianLughvian That is a total of 9 people for...

Re: Global Auction House

This would be a good benefit of a global AH. It also reminds me of an earlier suggestion of some sort of "looking to buy" type of feature to add to the AH. If you knew someone was looking for a certain lux item and it was up at the LTLS, then you'd know you had a great chance of it sellin...

Re: Worked for Mabon....

This post makes no sense by relating it to Mabon...they say they got their FIRST BT HELM on May 22nd (unless it was killed a few days before post idk). Its just lucky of the draw. U can get a helm but it might not be warrior, their first helm isnt even warrior, its druids. and none of ur helms is is...

Re: Chests on Gwydion

Blue Worm wrote:
Sly Shadows wrote:Hah hah, il pay u arawn gold for em :lol:

What's arawn gold like lol, I have only just created this toon on gwydion so never know lol

I pay 35k ea on arawn for the chests on gwyd

Re: Global Auction House

I would like to bring up an added function for the lost time lux shop (LTLS). Currently, my server (Sulis) has problems with LTLS nobody is buying anything from the LTLS. Currently, if you don't want the LTLS item you shouldn't buy it because nobody wants that LTLS at that lux shop's price or they ...

Re: Spirit Pets

Kaliset wrote:I want to see Spirit pets too. Including dragon and Phoenix.

It is customsry that if there are spirit pets they are REQUIRED to look like the patronus charms from Harry Potter

Re: Dino since last patch

I cant recall if Dino randomly selects targets to teleport or if its an area thing but if its random, why not have 2 offtanks on slash add. It wont matter if one on the other add is teleported cuz it isnt slash based but if u had 2 offtanks on the slash dependent add then its way more unlikely to ha...

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