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Re: Spirit Pets

Kaliset wrote:I want to see Spirit pets too. Including dragon and Phoenix.

It is customsry that if there are spirit pets they are REQUIRED to look like the patronus charms from Harry Potter

Re: Dino since last patch

I cant recall if Dino randomly selects targets to teleport or if its an area thing but if its random, why not have 2 offtanks on slash add. It wont matter if one on the other add is teleported cuz it isnt slash based but if u had 2 offtanks on the slash dependent add then its way more unlikely to ha...

Re: Global Castle feedback

I havent even logged in for thr first time for new update and im a big fat No against a global castle. Aweful place to put it. Sorry, but tavern woukd be better. Someone mentioned a way to filter out players not from your world, maybe this would work but dont have it in castle.

Void Axe

Selling Void Axe of Celestial Might

Predicted price curtesy of JoanOfArc lies around 40-50mil.

Looking for gwyd chests or gold for this Arawn axe

Re: Favorite fash

Although id love to see some fashion or how they could create it, idc if i would like it or not but id like to see an attempt ingame on an animated fashion set. I know we have effect like sunbound or snowbound or spooky, but i mean animated, closest thing i can relate it to is an Animated Decal from...

Re: "Account" sharing

I think this has been discussed before, (some time ago) but as of Difinitus' new post, I'm curious. Is having an account on a device and sharing the device with a friend or family member considered "sharing" if only the owner knows the password and others just use the device with it alrea...

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