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Re: The new Aeon Chests

rameyrat wrote:
Bullgart wrote:It is what it is. No real complaints here. I dont mind tokens. Just wish there were more choices to use them on. =)

Zip it, Mr. HappyGoLucky ;) We do not like fashion tokens in these chests, right? Right.


Re: Energy boost for druid

Honesty all classes suck when it comes to energy. It was one of the turnoffs for me about this game but I was able to adapt. My first toon and my Main is a druid, and I was able to level from 1-200 as full support. I dont even know what its like to be a Dps druid. I would recommend not making a drui...

Re: New Players Quitting

Maybe the game just wasnt their cup of tea. Maybe they just downloaded it and wanted to see what it was like and decided nope. I know the very first time I started playing this game I think I got to lvl 30ish, and decided to delete and walked away. I didnt think the graphics and gameplay were what I...

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