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Re: Is celtic heroes dead yet?

VR is a asian structured business designed for asian markets (that’s who technically owns your game now) The business deal would be if we can have the code and make money from our asian sided new game...any success and developments we can automatically put into the old Celtic heroes game not design...

Re: Tadaaah Lead Us!

Played Game for 6 years, Been in like 90% of Betas, active on forums.. Know Russian,Ukrainian.. Mods are form losers I’ll just skip that and become and admin.. Richard where do I sign? Why stop at admin? Just have Richard give you the game :lol: But then why stop there? Ask for the entire video gam...

Re: New Forum/Support Software

Skerwald wrote:I think it would good for timing bosses if we were able to make private groups for clans with this new software. If you don't want OTM to read everything, then you should just stick to your current 3rd party app.

We really have way better things to do than read through mountains of chat logs.

Re: New Forum/Support Software

I mean, if I read correctly. New system helps eliminate the need for third party apps like line/band/discord. Things you guys dont have chat logs for. I'm aware of ingame chat logs lol. If we were to make this move the main benefit for us would be to help improve support by having a centralized pla...

Re: Heroes Age Android

Wolfenstien wrote:
So heroes age is the test rat and thats how we see what celtic heroes might get.
CANT wait for the hair styles

Not a "test rat" just a little different. In the same way a McDonalds for example has different menu items in different countries.

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