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Re: Sanctuary

I really love this skill. Its similar to nature's breath but IMO is better. Here's why. A quick cast... If you read that your enemy is casting aoe damage, you'll have a chance to defend your whole group for most of the damage in seconds... Not only does it allow you to cast with out interruption, i...

Re: Spring of life

SoL NEEDS to just be replaced with another spell.
I said before it ever released that it would not be popular because if it is actually good, it will actually compete with idols and idols cost plat.

this has been one of the many Druid issues for a year plus that has gone unaddressed.

Re: Sanctuary

It's a cool skill with a lot of potential, but I don't use it in my regular build. What I like about it is that when you have it on, your skills can't be intterrupted. This can be good for reapplying bark or casting touch while in battle, because these skills are seriously prone to interruption. Th...

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