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Re: The Lottery is now open!

No offense but why does everyone protect Infinity like he's a god? He's just a normal person who makes lotteries and videos on youtube, but ppl yell at other ppl for having opinions on him. first, im not "yelling" nor am i defending anyone... im simply accusing insain for making false and...

Re: Double Attack

CH45E wrote:Sucks for you

When u have nothing good to say its best to remain shut :)

Pixxie wrote:They have added double shot now for rangers to use, same idea for the skill except you can cast it at range.

Yea... ill prob get that skill instead :)....But still it was a waste of an alt book :/

Double Attack

hey, i got the double attack skill tome from pirates, before patch and it had no requirement of any time.. it was working perfectly with bow and the max dmg it did was 1572.... now after the game downloaded the patch, i got on and went lvling.. i tried to use double attack but it wouldnt even let me...

Re: The Lottery is now open!

This scammer also was Infinities exact lvl, wore the exact same gear, oh and can't forget the scammer was also in eve as the pictures show?! I should meet this scammer, he is amazing! got proof? cause im not gonna belive u until i see the following: 1- pic of the 'scammer' 2- name of the persone he...

Re: Which one?!?!

I would say this if your wanting top dps,


RichardRichyRich wrote:
Freezing celerity dagger 500k, 30% atk speed,150 dmg,200 dex,skill that gives 500 atk for 30 secs and 120 heat dmg neck from the 150 luxary

Keep in mind, i do have sigils. I need the most dps. What do i chose?!?!?!?!

Re: The Lottery is now open!

Continuum wrote:im sicking of people always accusing others of scamming (whether it is or isnt.) if u have nothing good to say, dont say it. if u really dont like it, just ignore it. :roll:

just a funny meme, nothin personal bud :) :D :lol:

Re: New Level Requirements

Bhamuntflare wrote:I noticed that armor in the OW have new Level Requirements
Flint level 60
Quartz level 80
Diamond level 100
Just an F.Y.I

diamond is replaced by opal with lvl req 100 and ill also add adament armor with lvl req 120(slightly better than froz)

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