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Re: How dragons could have been

Okay Robbo5000 I will stop calling you a OTM shill, you just sound like you are trying to justify an unjustifiable situation created by OTM. You have not yet shown me anything that says one dragon egg is a “jackpot”. That so many didn’t/don’t under that to be the case is a problem in itself. The in ...

Re: How dragons could have been

IMG_20171128_105536.jpg This had been on the website since Food of the Gods went live. It says more or less the same thing in the what's new section of the game description in both the app store and play store. Yes it should be made clear in game in the chest description that it is a jackpot prize ...

Re: How dragons could have been

I think that hitting the “Jackpot” with ONE egg should have been the key to unlocking dragons at the pet/bounty vendor. Players should have only needed one egg to initially gain access to dragons and from there could have used pet tokens and bounty marks to raise its level further. That in my opini...

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