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A Very Pleasant Surprise

I've been busy as of late and haven't had much time to do much on the forums or game, and tonight as I logged on to see what was new I was greeted by a purple forum theme and then the Gardens header loaded. Of course, my first thought was "Hot damn they released the update" and upon checki...

Re: GamesDead

So what if half of nuada got banned? Most of them deserve it for cheating. It’s not OTM’s fault. They are not any better than any server to get away with duped items and gear that will boost the server’s power. Game is far from dead, a new whole expansion in on the horizon but it’s exams season if ...

Re: Changes

The castle looks like it got too high of a setting on the "juicy" filter to be completely honest.

It hurts my head to look at, maybe an adjustment?

But Lirs is wonderful. Since it's open the filter isn't so hard on the eyes. And I love the April (May) showers :)

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