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Re: Well hello there VR ;)

I'm out of the loop and still don't fully understand what transpired as I was away, but I know OTM is no more. Welcome to the helm of our favorite MMO, VR, hopefully you can maintain and improve on what OTM began. If you guys are ever looking for job openings post them here on the forums like OTM us...

Re: More than a game

Celtic Heroes is amazing and you really do form real relationships with people and interact with all sorts of different folk. In fact, some lad came to me the other day saying it was his brother's birthday and he "need present now". Sadly, the present he wanted was my horse and I didn't ha...

Re: Bai

Tadaaah wrote:
Elfylolz wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:Hi I’m back

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooo leave I'm trynna eat some church's chicken and you're ruining the mood

OMG, what I would give for some Churches chicken right now... You don't even know...

The things you miss when you leave Americo. I feel you man!

Re: My Ideas 07

Laplace I love seeing your ideas and these are wonderful.

If I can ever get Platinum purchases to work for me then I'd sink a ton of money into chests to get one of the effect dragons

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