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Re: Next big update

Hello team and community, I don’t want to jump the gun or sound desperate, but when in the next big update for celtic heroes? I know we just got CG, but for me it was not a breakthrough to keep me playing. Unfortunately, I have only logged like 3 or 4 times since the update. I really love the game,...

Re: New Members

Curry30423 wrote:well the new design staff should focus on designing a chicken charm or mask :roll:

An honest to god +1. Need some new fashion helms up in dis B. These fashion hats from quests look awfully familiar...

Re: New Members

Jake wrote:
Legislative wrote:so what part of OTM that we knew is still around?
is ma dude Esquilax still hired?

Unfortunately Esq is gone :(

I no longer want to play. Was bad enough losing Muldar

Re: Carnage without bosses

I agree with that. If u disagree with carrowmore carnages ur flamed down, if u suggest carnage for NON EG PLAYERS ur flamed down. Literally pushing VR to go with their wants. I think this event is great in concept but lacks where OTM lacked... No one just stumbles upon raids, they camp it until its...

Re: Carnage without bosses

Still pushing, but it's not looking good. It has been noted to never do this event again with the current script. you need a blanket fairness to all players low mid and high on all events, we need to be straight on that matter. No matter what server you are on. Dom clans trying to force what they w...

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