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Re: What otm look like

Hison wrote:Haha... Bruh I have seen most of them! The OTM team I have my own skills :0

everyone go on youtube then search mr tinfoil the click on the video leafy xoxo, that is what im imaging hilson as rn XD

Re: A new crom

We don't kill king/priest/spider, which is what Syn kills I'm assuming. Of course we wouldn't help since we are never there to begin with. theyre too small to take full alone, if we are at spider priest or king we always grp them, we help any lower players in need of dl on spider priest and king :D...

Re: Update on warrior

Muldar wrote:Deleted some off topic posts, if you want to fight take it to the arena.


yall need to make a cross server arena then ._. would be my honour to go squish some rangers lol

Re: Update on warrior

Just to put things in perspective, Jason's clan can't out dps the lirs 6* dragon heals. (They abandoned it after 2 lixes and the health was at 100%). So I do believe that he can out dps anyone in his clan. lmao gotta admit that was a weak ass attempt xD now go kill it so a 5 can spawn and we can ki...

Re: A new crom

lmao dude i dont see seed helping syn get dl like we do? but i dont recall anythin to do with us ksing you? if it does happen then like ive said many times talk to me or raw about it, its what we are here for

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