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xfering all my gear from crom to herne. mail or pm in game if interested. items include foc/vit 190 set last event. this event 190 vit neck and brac, wyld sun ammy, 90% undead horse, 85% colt, yellow lan set and much more. pm here or mail on crom/herne if interested

Re: A new crom

Lol Betus take this argument to pm I don't wanna embarrass you infront of everyone, I'm not that harsh :p and armos got a point, this thread is just a bunch if unfathomable talking tbh, crom lacks new players as it is and this prob isn't helping so I'm done here, like I said pm if you wanna argue

Re: A new crom

betus wrote:
JasonZ crom wrote:Just remember kids its a game no need to ruin it for others ;)

Says the one who needs to throw personal insults just because he is losing an argument on the forums...smh lol

Lmao she was begging to be roasted with that weak ass insult

Re: A new crom

fml enough arguing -.- at the end of the day we want to build a crom where everyone can enjoy themselves. it may not happen, it may happen against all odds, but i will continue to try and improve crom for all not just my clan. Just remember kids its a game no need to ruin it for others ;)

Re: A new crom

Shadowbolt2 wrote:Jason synergic called us to help at 6* spider because you guys were lock fighting them, how exactly is that helping them and grouping them?

lmao when was that? i told my clan we grp them now

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