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Re: Mounts

Do you not remember felspines? My dog regularly leaves little presents on the lawn that look better than them. lmao theyre still better looking than some of the newer mounts but yah undead horses and nightwings and even the samhain wings from last year were awesome :D hopefully they make something ...

Re: selling

mailed your ring sayf

any others who mail i wont be able to give the item till around 3:30pm uk time tomorrow as im having charger problems atm, gonna buy a new one on my lunch break

Re: [blank] is a scammer

muldar edited out the chars name.... so she doesnt mean blank... I understand the reason for it, but the rule is garbage when it protects actual scammers. didnt do a very good job protecting this one as in imows second post it still has the name lmao, but i completely agree that its dumb, scammers ...

Re: selling

Ill be on around 3pm uk time if you want to buy then, if not you can mail me the gold and say what item you want and i will mail the item to you within 24hrs


last event 190 vit/def ring 500k lvl 180 dex brac and ring 400K (for both) last event plus 5 ss rings 200k each lvl 190 vit/foc set (last event) 2m plus 7 firestorm ring 300k plus 6 firestorm ring 250k plus 6 fire att brac 250k this event lvl 160 storm charm 200k lvl 180 foc helm 200k runic dex ring...

Re: Bassie's solo druid build

After reading this post i changed my build from roots vines bees strike and touch with just foc and vit to the suggested skills and stats, has increased my lving speed a lot no doubt, defo a helpful guide to me. Cheers bass

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