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Re: i did an oopsie

my brother thought itd be a funny “prank” to buy 320 account slots and make like 140 characters.. could you guys refund my plat please lol https://i.postimg.cc/8kXrCY42/194-A4969-CAFA-419-F-938-F-2-E3-D52-A2-A1-A9.png Oooooo so your the one that made all those accounts for the free daily rewards :P

Re: Gele Lock Battle Crap pls all respond

So does any other server play against such a childish clan as we do. We have a rival clan that logs 15 peeps just to lock Gele knowing they cant kill it but have DG gear and Gele weapons just to Quote "lock battle" so we can not kill. We had 30 people to be able to kill the boss but block...

Re: The call for help

Hail, Heroes! I have come to you in these trying times, hopeful that I am worthy of your aid. An old foe is on the brink of an evolution, an aggregate of power. This foe’s devout supporters are searching for ways to increase their influence through the lands of Dal Riata. While amassing the wealth ...

Re: Changing Names

I'd like this. I have an embarrassing name on my druid and don't want the attention it draws anymore. But, only if there was a visible thing next to your name or character that tells all others you've changed your name, only if your previous name was kept in the database so no one could take it and ...

Re: Glitched ring

Not that much of a waste, it's pretty cool that u can have a mage skill as a warrior. 30 damage tho, is that the damage of the ice shard or does it act like a ele damage ring too?

Re: Dice hacking?

I recall hearing an OTM staff member say at one point that it wasn’t possible - the numbers are randomly generated on the server, so a player is not able to alter them in any way. I’m also not saying it is completely impossible (nothing on the internet is impossible if you are dedicated/skilled/luc...

Re: Avengers Endgame!!!

Since Avengers Endgame is around the corner, i decided to make this post to ask you guys a interesting question. Name your favorite MCU universe hero and list the class they would be if they were in Celtic Heroes Looking to see some fun and interesting answers!!! *If you really dont like MCU go for...

Re: Comp servers

To confirm, was getting at the fact that there is 50+ players needed to kill the current world boss which only drops 4 items or w/e and more likely than not not all of those 4 items will get used. That's a lot of people needed for that very little reward so nobodies gonna be feeling friendly to have...

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