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Re: Skylake's Auto-Druid Guide

Always been a hand to hand auto druid ever since I seen the #1 druid on arawn at that time doing it. Their so much fun and survival is the best, hardly even use healing on myself that much.

Shoutout to KrazyKats for the inspiration :D

Re: Cattacomb Charm Fashion

I think it's safe to say that 95% of players would rather see new content than old content come back - regardless of whether it's the exact same item with a new name or old content that got reskinned. I still hold out hope that VR will eventually be able to do that once Warhammer: Odyssey is less o...

Re: Dhio dead by Arawn Resurgence

indeed a great day, we killed the blue meanie... but not before killing us over and over.... https://i.postimg.cc/jdtQkTkc/76925-A98-3-B0-E-4325-8-B5-E-0-CF5-F301411-A.jpg op much? OMG is that over half a million damage or is that something else that is dmg... though not sure if a nuke went or not,...

Re: Mono event plz

I hope they make another area global that isn't used much and put the witch there, along with turning it into a pvp area. The arena is too small I reckon. Whatever they do with it it's good endgame content I think the only map that is largely unused is Fingals Cave, except for one point in the ques...

Re: Android storage

I feel that some games reserve a large amount of space in order to unpack necessary files for installation and then remove them once it has been completed. Nearly double seems pretty unusual but happy to read that restarting your phone did resolve the issue. That makes a lot of sense. It was recent...

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