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Re: Next Update

Content = more quests to 220, engaging horizontal content.
Qol = new ui, adjustable hotbar slots, my toon moving from arawn to epona (idc about items)

Anything else I'm easy with. There's one thing I'm sure about, the loggin rewards will be different

Re: CH Art Requests

Not sure we celebrate thanks giving here so idk when that is but sure that'd be cool...or cool beans as u say lol. Was thinking I'd like a profile photo of my main for the forums. Again I've got the image in my mind so it won't be a static one or anything I can replicate on a screenshot in CH but it...

Re: CH Art Requests

This is the drawing requested by Romeo. He’s really gonna kick butt fighting the goblin king with his trusty tiger by his side! :D https://i.postimg.cc/h48G9D0F/36307-B5-C-21-A0-48-C9-A5-FF-3-C04-B2-A530-A8.jpg Thank you so much for your patience Romeo. I really enjoyed drawing this for you! Just b...

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