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Re: Old Celtic Heroes Footage, Hey Smellyunder there you are!

I have a few old pictures from back then. *edit* just realized this thread is in Arawn's subforum, these pictures are from Sulis. At least it gives you an idea of what the castle looked like :) https://i.postimg.cc/DwRSw82f/Celtic-Heroes-20.png https://i.postimg.cc/FFPWn4rg/matthews-ch-pics-32.png ...

Re: Developer Diary?

Never really read any of the previous dev diaries so Idk how in-depth they go but wouldn't they be like a spoiler alert? I Kinda like finding things out on my own, it's more exciting to me. Guess I'd like to hear things like if there keeping the celtic mythology or steering more towards Asian style,...

Re: PvP Alt Thread

Furyion wrote:There aren't many duelers these days I noticed, but I was wondering what some peoples pvp alts looked like.

Here are my twin warriors(no food, no lix, no outside support)

Your level 100 warrior got better stats than my lvl 192 warrior :( :(

Re: Wifi and ethernet

I'm curious to know why you want to connect your phone via Ethernet rather than wifi. But to answer your question; nearly all modern routers allow multiple Ethernet connections while simultaneously projecting a wifi signal. So you should be all good Thanks for the reply. Actually where I live there...

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