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Re: Love CH!

The issue isn’t that the game sucks, it clearly doesn’t. It has so much unfulfilled potential and that is the issue. That it is mostly unfulfilled. There are no other games out there like it hence why people play. There is a magic to it that most other similar mobile games do not have and I’ve trie...

Re: Crafting

My system is more of an fusing/ upgrading system. For sure CH could use a full fledged crafting system but I don't think that's something the developers are up for, to implement crafting from scratch. It's a big job with uncertain effects on the game. That's why I would suggest more of an upgrading...

Re: Crafting

I've always enjoyed crafting in games but this isn't crafting, it's more like upgrading. The game could use that to. If otm mentioned crafting a while back but chose not to put it in the game there must be a good reason for that, wonder what it is

Re: Another weapon from dhino killed after reset today on Arawn

bc some arsehole called friddoo decided to call him out for no reason, that's why he got involved Oy let’s avoid the name calling plz .-. We aren’t 5... We are all at least 7 years old. Let’s use better quality insults :) https://i.postimg.cc/WzQKLqn4/qualityinsults.gif *cough cough* anyways...cong...

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