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Stat help

I'm new to the rogue world (level 21).. Was wondering how I should distribute points.. I didn't know hiw much strength was needed so this is what I got. Strength-10 Dex-55 Foc-25 Vit-40 I now realise reading that I need alot more strength which makes sense.. Just use to mage.. Ha-ha Also what are sk...

Balor or Fingal?

So since I now I have an android.. I won't be able to play on Epona.. Balor and Fingal seem to have the most people and friendly.. Which would y'all suggest?

Hello and Goodbye! Again..

Hello Epona, many of you might not know a man by the name of Lugician, but some might.. I quit because it wouldn't work on my ios device and now I have Android so I'm afraid I can't come back.. I want to thank all of you who have taken me under your wing, Forever and always, Long Live Epona!

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