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Re: Scammer List

I'm apologizing u coz u were scammed. And Im want all ppl to understand me that's why I explained what I ment by the word BG :)

Re: Scammer List

My apollogies Mike. Btw Worrior try to ks me when i was leveling on marshlight wisps in BloodGrove(i mean a place in sv not clan).

Re: hey guys shep is here

Sure Mark wand and hat are urs, and thanks Smoke. Also the update of my store: quickstrike is sold now, but i got a highroad cuirass(not tanned) as a boss drop i will sell the cuirass for 2,5 k(50% off) And now i am focused on my druid(shepdruid) so look for him if u need me. Also big thanks to Alfi...

hey guys shep is here

hi everyone that’s shep i decided to create this blog to chat there, trading and making friends.I will appretiate that if such Veteran players as Smoke,Gaby or Indira will post something there but anyway i will be friendly to everyone.heres the list of items i am selling now: Wand of hallows(i will ...

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