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Re: Why do people scam?

I think there is not only type of scammers here are the ones i faced with : 1) the guys who offer u some junk but say tht it's a very valuable thing exmple : there was a guy in gwydion who offered me a Winer King spear but when i looked at it in trade i saw tht it was ancient spear only (lol) advice...

Re: I miss the good old days

yeah i miss the old days too...when indira was the highest lvl in gwydion,when only the highest lvls had full waden armour... when LaVerne was the chief of Blood Grove and i was in it...I hope all my old friends who are inactive now will return someday :)

Re: The Gwydion scammer discovered

I will try to get the rejuv bk,but u know,I cant promise anything,and today I remembered one more strange fact about tjtjtj.When I started Issian I was lookin for a clan for him and tjtjtj invited me to clan called "friends" and he had a char called Banker2 back then I didn't know tht Bank...

Re: The Gwydion scammer discovered

Oh and btw creator I talked to my clan and there were some ppl who saw tjtjtj in catacombs they asked him how did he get his rejuv and but he didn't answer and quickly changed his rejuv on a lesser energy pendant.I dont think he got this rejuv by himself and everyon agreed with me.

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