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Shep's store

Hi guys :) here's a lil list of the items im willing to sell. The prices can be discussed if you think they are too high. Post here or pm in game if you wanna buy anything:) Cane of bats (x2) 5 k each Pumpkin head x2 (fashion slot item) 7k Green smuggler shoes 4 k Brown smuggler coat 8 k Midsummer t...

Re: Thank you

Ty for mentioning me here cap :) wouldn't say tht camping priestess for a few mins is a big deal but well... :)

Re: Bloodcrusher of Bolg

KiyKiy wrote:Highest leveled area + very high level mobs (bolgs)

I'd say high level quest. And may I say it had better not be another 'Evil in Stonevale' where we get level 100s begging to be in a troll boss group.

Bloodcrusher of Bolg isn't really very high (lvl 163 4 stars)

Bloodcrusher of Bolg

Well I was in Fianna encampment and found a new npc ( the injured one) , talked to him. the npc is talking about a mob called Bloodcrusher of Bolg. Shortly after i found the mob. Killed the mob with my clanmates and was very upset when he dropped nothing :/ Is that guy supposed to be rare spawn ? An...

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