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Re: Noob hating

Call me a noob hater but it really puts me off when low lvls beg me for gold and items. Even if those are small amounts why should i give my hard earned gold to some guy juz coz he asked for it ? Yea im evil,bad or whatever u call me but i wont give stuff to ppl who dont deserve it ( didnt mean exac...

Re: Русские

Russian to English: Translation People write their nicknames in the game and help me please 3dragon disc and 2crown please thanks in advance my nickname vladnexte my Skype adds koctr_500 will crave Used google translate eh ? The correct translation would be : Guys post here your nicknames in the ga...

Re: Русские

Ну меня ты наверное уже знаешь :) с дисками помочь не могу - для друга собираю. Но если кого вальнуть по квесту надо или еще чего-нибудь в этом роде то всегда пожалуйста.

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