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Re: Game time! Corrupt a wish!

IssartriTheRanger wrote:Granted, you get a fishy but its not on a dishy when the boat comes in...
(i eat it)

I wish to have a bagel served by the one and only Muldarr!

Granted but muldar is eviscerated by a mysterious man in grey

I wish for free wifi at my house

Re: Server Gear Distribution

I just wanted to get an idea of how this point system works. It is also relevant to the topic so i see no problem with me asking that question either ignore it or answer it simple as that no need to start a fight here Aeon's (and 99% of endgame clans') point systems only extend to Dragonlord, Exhal...

Re: Server Gear Distribution

How points do you earn off let's say a stone fang kill? Why are you asking stupid pointless questions? We are actually having a discussion here.. GTFO back to offtopic forums Watch your tongue brat. I see no need for me to leave i asked a simple question no need to be a *** about it you could have ...

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