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Re: presidents

Regenleif wrote:Bernie 2016!

I wouldn't vote for bernie but i can see why others would. He's says what he believes so even though he won't have my vote he has my utmost respect

Re: presidents

I had a decent topic on gun control deleted because political topics is not allowed, yet here we have a moderator posting on one. Double standards make me seethe. ^ Pigman this post wasn't created to insult a candidate who some see fit for office. If you don't agree with it oh well but keep on topi...

Re: presidents

Trump has a soul, he can't be taught or bribed by others he sees that the US is a mess and wants non Americans out so we can sort ourselves out, I'd bring in why he hates the Muslims but this is about politics, not religions. I could go on, Trump, while he may be blunt and straight forward to the p...

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