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Re: Lucky arawn!

Somehow id believe it if they so,ehow did make it that lesser clans get beter drips cuz I swear the one time we loose mord suddenly its dropping voids like no tomorrow xD

Re: Who will win lock?

I wont read the previous argument because I dont think any reasoning will change my mind but ranger for sure. Rogue isnt full edl, thus the boon will kill him, including no chaos armor buff or dl daggers...yeah, including the higher the level the more your complete max damage will do. You can say th...

Re: EndgameMages

unless the rogues and rangers are doing something wrong, a mage will almost never kill a chaos boss except for edl 205 or 210. As for mage locking. A group of mages will almost always outlock a group of rangers and rogues on edl. A mage will not outlock a ranger or rogue at eg bosses I get kill on ...

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