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Im from lugh, just asking. Have u guys killed Gelebron yet? cause i heard from my friend that u guys have accomplished that

Off from ch for awhile

Hey guys, im Rayrecarnation. Some of u may have seen me before, some may havent but im a 124 druid. Ill be taking some time of ch cause of a stupid problem thats happening in real life. Basically my mom found out i was going steady with a girl and she raged (u know how all asian parents freak out wh...

Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hey, im DJrayElite. Used to be Raytheawesome level 99 ranger. Quite an adventure i had in Lugh and i still remembered my buddies back in the days I started as a mage named Raylooi, during dragonstaff event, adding stat points to str thinking it will improve my wand damage and ended up having NO ENER...

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