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Snorri/Sreng lock battles

Ive had recently joined Independent and since then, i have been helping out in the sreng and snorri battles for my clan (sometimes buffing other people too). All i can say is that locking these bosses are really easy and its exciting to know who gets the lock. Im enjoying my first taste of the lock ...

Re: Worth staying in lugh?

We got lots of plat buyers and lots of upcoming players to lix with, idk where you get these info from. Also you been lvl 140 for months Its good to hear that there are still plat buyers around :) Also its good to know that u know i have hit 140 but im already 157. I levelled from 140-150 in a week

Worth staying in lugh?

Hey all before i start this conversation i just wanna say: This has NOTHING to do WITH Alliance I just wanna know if its worth staying in lugh. some friends have been telling me that there arent a lot of play buyers now so there is little xps and sigils and chests stuff. Im worried that im wasting m...

Selling some stuff

Taking offers on a fiery level 100 axe
Selling hawkhurst chests

Buying sigils health and energy
Event chests

Pm me or mail RayRecarnation or here in forums

Ty :)

A concern in Lugh

Hey all, in this post i wanna talk about a certain topic. I noticed a decline in sigils, event chests, lixes and event fashion sets. What is happening? Have people stop buying plat?

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