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Re: Legacy bosses

Everything wrote:OTM sent me a carrier pigeon carrying a message that went something like,

"Lol Made sure that Legacy Bosses only spawn when Mamba isn't on"

The nubs will prevail it seems

HAHAHA :D :lol: :lol: :lol:

Plat offers: working or not?

So ive been trying to do plat offers for a month. Everyday. So far not a single offer has worked out for me and im not sure if theres something wrong with native X. Heres what ive been doing so far: - i open native X - see a plat offer (152 plat for reaching level 6 on mobile strike) - i tap on the ...

Re: A new side to Lugh

Deth wrote:What about o8o and Ellelle,they will be allowed to join boss fights too?

They are the 2 best players in lugh lol. We cant do any big bosses if we dont have them to support us.

Re: A new side to Lugh

I think this is a good idea. Uniting all the clans and killing bosses, but whether or not people want to contribute is another story. Now i see doubts about the rolling system, other class people rolling for other class drops just because they have an alt for it which they barely play or smt. There ...

Im out

The new update makes me crash more frequently now. I cant play for more than a minute (i even timed myself). So until i fix this problem, ive decided to quit/take a break from celtic heroes.

I wish u guys luck and hope u guys have fun

New spring update - Info from beta

So, ive heard that that are many changes in animations in the new update. For example, people have told me that rogues stand like they just broke their necks and mages and druid look like they are posing for a pic. If there is anymore changes in the new update pls post here. Thx :)

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