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SouLxRiZe wrote:ok lets get this straight, i want to make content for my youtube channel which has my face on there and what country im from, why would i scam when im trying to make youtube content ? need people to answer this question :P

Ask infinity how youtube/face showing went lol

Taranis Buy/Sell App: LINE

Hey if you want to look out for things to buy or Taranis or perhaps sell your own things, get the IOS application called LINE!

Add my ID: njk23

And my name is JayNightBlade and I will be more than happy inviting you to our many buy/sell group chats! :mrgreen:

OH Taranis my home

Coming in live from the Tavern JayNightBlade here covering a all you need to know about Taranis! The Benevolence, Pride, and Aeon love triangle is growing and I'm here to share! You either join the rebellion/gang bangers(whatever your view is) or you join ParaDogz, Pride, or Aeon(god forbid) which a...

Adventure's of J Money 2

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away... There was a civil war going on in a land called Taranis! Epic wars were waged between the end game clans! An evil monster was once again lurking the underworld and only one could save the world! A simple monk from the clan theIllumanati once told a prophe...

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