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Re: Any phobia's?

when i was in preeschool i aas deathly afraid of turtles :lol: idek why. i hate wasps, bees are fine as they dont hurt. the main thing is heights, im fine with going on the drop zone cause im strapped in, but standing even 10 yards high gets me light headed. Heights. I can't climb a ladder to get o...

Re: I Quit

Coming from someone in your clan: that's not funny!

Okay, maybe it is. Just a little.

Re: Bounty Board

I'm a level 126 Druid. One xp gets me about a bar soloing because kills are so slow for me. Doing all 6 bounties every day (don't really have the time to do much else other than sit in castle hoping people offer things I'm looking for while I'm sitting in lecture) almost gets me one full level every...

Re: Nature's Touch Quest

Not really. That page that drops infrequently for you drops more frequently for other classes. I traded someone else for the pages I couldn't get to drop. I had half a dozen of the ones they couldn't get to drop. Ask around, someone should have it. I got it pretty quickly once I asked. This isn't a ...

Re: forum weird fact!

The forum as filters that block cursing and vulgarities. This includes abbreviations and commonly used workarounds. The filter is pretty sensitive and indiscriminately blocks portions of words that may contain another word for a donkey, such as assumption or brass. You can usually turn it off in the...

Re: Nature's Touch Quest

There is one page that is a very rare drop for each class, but it drops more frequently for other classes. For Druids, it is page 5 (for both skill quests). You should end up with the pages that that are more difficult for the other classes and shouldn't have a problem finding people with them if yo...

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