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Re: Solo Training at level 105

I go back and fourth on Storm, the cooldown is brutal but the damage is high. With the current issue where evasions and skill damage fluctuations reverted to what they were before this event started, one evasion (which happens far too frequently) effectively removes that skill for one or two mobs. I...

Re: friendzoned

You can recover from the friend zone, it's tough, but it can be done.

When she thinks of you as an older brother.... there's no coming back from that one.
At least I know I have a friend for life.

Re: Any phobia's?

Yeah, you won't realize how much you truly missed it until you get back up in the air. You've got to pick your priorities though.

The awesome thing is you'll have friends no matter where you go. So many good people in the skydiving community.

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