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Re: Support

[moved to ask for help] This post is the last time you made a topic about this. Just for reference. Smh restricting us on asking for support about our toons? Not trying to aggravate you or anything but that's just a joke of customer service. I work in a massive retail company and if we have this ki...

Re: Support

I don't think they are obligated to show you proof...How about you think back to the past few months and carefully consider everything you said and did. If they banned you, obviously they had a good reason. Scenario. They banned him without context of what he said when he didn't do anything wrong. ...


Why is support choosing to ignore emails when I have asked them for proof of banning my toons... do they not have the correct info needed or what? They can't say they have been busy because took them a day to respond to my last email about my banned toons and all they gave me was a sentence saying s...

Re: Support appeals

Tadaaah wrote:You can re-check your Spam Folder. You might want to make sure that the email isn't being auto-filtered to trash as spam, as well. All the appeals have received answers.

I have resent it and i have nothing in my trash or spam

Re: Support appeals

Tadaaah wrote:That's strange. Please send it again. There aren't any appeals that are that old. You sent it to appeals and not support, correct?

Yes I sent to appeals but now that means I have to wait for them to catch up on all the new appeals and tickets when it should of been handled already

Re: Support appeals

Tadaaah wrote:We're a bit behind, but we'll be getting through the tickets and emails, then, appeals.

If it's a few weeks old, check your spam. Appeals aren't that far behind.

I sent it on the 4th of May I've checked my spam and nothing either

Re: Support appeals

Dark Kitty wrote:
offiues wrote:
Dark Kitty wrote:[moved to ask for help]

But are otm even active on ask for help

They read everything. We generally keep general discussions about the game only.

But this is about the game and about the toons that have been banned for no reason when I want to play the game and the toons I have spent money on...

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