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Re: Dps help

Only way to significantly increase your dps as a warrior now is to get full doch gul armor. With them adding purenesses to base I may get my full set sometime by 2018 lol Base purse will help. Will help even more if we start downing Gele again soon. I don't think twice a week is unreasonable. What ...

Re: Dps help

Loco cola wrote:Why two blunt rings if axe? Shouldn't one (especially the godly) have gone to a blunt warrior?

Was a blunt warrior until I got the axe. Those rings are going back to the clan for someone else to use. Hoping Necro starts dropping good axe rings

Re: Dps help

langmuir wrote:I assume you mean frenzy and not warcry.

Right, Frenzy

ThyraUnited wrote:Looks like you have fine dps.

Thanks....I want more though. Guess I just need better gear now

Re: Dps help

Base stats with divine ring in main slot are:
HP: 8288
EN: 2139
Att: 6035
Dmg: 3745

After Warcry:
Att: 8087
Dmg: 4237

W/ Reaper in main slot:
HP: 7938
EN: 1789
Att: 6836
Dmg: 3675

After Warcry:
Att: 8888
Dmg: 4167

Dps help

Lvl 229 (noob) warrior on Danu looking for help with dps build. Think I'm doing ok but not sure if I'm really doing it right. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I max Frenzy, Shatter, Rupture, and Pummel with the use of skill rings. Bash and Double stay at 42. I'm attaching pics of gear I cur...

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