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Re: Event Lux

Lux items weren't made to be "prestige" items. A prestige item isn't something you get from buying it in a shop, you get it from earning it through gameplay. "Look! I got this from doing _______ to _______". Lux was meant as a way for players who were willing to pay rl money to g...

Re: highestlvl

You mean like order and chaos the flame night? Lmfao Yep , we've had 5 classes like forever now need more , Ik many people who have all 5 at 220+ Or....if you level 2 characters to the same level (minimum 220), on the same account, OTM can have them do a fusion dance where their inventories become ...

Re: Dps help

Only way to significantly increase your dps as a warrior now is to get full doch gul armor. With them adding purenesses to base I may get my full set sometime by 2018 lol Base purse will help. Will help even more if we start downing Gele again soon. I don't think twice a week is unreasonable. What ...

Re: Dps help

Loco cola wrote:Why two blunt rings if axe? Shouldn't one (especially the godly) have gone to a blunt warrior?

Was a blunt warrior until I got the axe. Those rings are going back to the clan for someone else to use. Hoping Necro starts dropping good axe rings

Re: Dps help

langmuir wrote:I assume you mean frenzy and not warcry.

Right, Frenzy

ThyraUnited wrote:Looks like you have fine dps.

Thanks....I want more though. Guess I just need better gear now

Re: Dps help

Base stats with divine ring in main slot are:
HP: 8288
EN: 2139
Att: 6035
Dmg: 3745

After Warcry:
Att: 8087
Dmg: 4237

W/ Reaper in main slot:
HP: 7938
EN: 1789
Att: 6836
Dmg: 3675

After Warcry:
Att: 8888
Dmg: 4167

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