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Re: @Team OTM

Server lag has been a major issue for many months now. You don't notice it as much at lower levels but it becomes especially evident at Gele raids. Of the 40+ kills (not counting probably as many fails) we have I have lagged at every single one and I've been kicked during the raid at least 70% of th...

Re: Mulder

Ditto. No one answers in game or on PM's. Sucks having to waste a post to get someone's attention lol I received your PM at Tue 6:50 pm, as I was not online last night I have still to reply. To answer your question, your ticket from Tuesday is still open, the Support Team will handle your request a...

Re: All 5 Doch Gul sets on Danu

Warr has to be quin and druid i have 0 clue Not Vos, we don't gear tanks with DG lol Plus he kinda declined since DG if anything seems like a downgrade for endgame tanks. Hey, let's wear armour that offers no chaos resistance to tank a chaos boss....said no one ever. So since I'm dps I made the ult...

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