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Re: Apostate braces

Should be something like a 6th drop you can randomly get from the Gele loot table instead of a random spawn mob in Alchemical. That way the difficulty to kill would at least match the value of the brace.

Like how you used to be able to get Spyrestone braces from EDL bosses

Re: Celtic Heroes Classic

-3000 There would be like 80 people who would that server/game and after about 12 hours it would be dead. People tend to view the past with rose colored glasses even though the game itself is clearly better now than it was before. The nostalgia will be great for the first few hours until you realize...

Re: The Dino raid.

Astralshift wrote:The funny thing about small servers is that they choose to be dom and wonder why they struggle with dino let alone bt and gele.

So....how would NOT being dom help when the raid has mechanics to limit the number of people who attend?

Re: The Dino raid.

I think it’s a cool idea to let lower levels watch an endgame raid in Lirs Reach. It’s an obvious design flaw (not surprised) that they make a player limit on dino in an area where literally anyone can wander in to. You can’t punish/get angry at players who just want to go and watch which I’m sure ...

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