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Perkamentus is selling

I'm selling: Normal rings: - Greater ring of Expose Weakness 2k - Royal Alchemic ring of Expose Weakness (lv 180 req) 8k - Greater ring of Bless (2x) 1k - Geater ring of Shatter (3x) 2k ----- - Fabled Luring ring of Magic 2k - Fabled ring of Abundance 2k - Fabled ring of Fast Reflexes 2k - Fabled L...

Perky selling and buying

Hi there,

I'm selling the following items:
- Talisman of Earth 300k
- Red Lion Crest 50k
- Shadowstrike manual 40k
- Greater Frostiron ring of the Glacier (Mage, +4 Energy Shield) 12k

Im hoping someone can sell me the following:
- 28 xps

Thanks :)

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