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Re: cooking?

Muldar wrote:
cat100268 wrote:will there be a shop where you can hand in food for cooking tokens?

No plans for such a system currently.

I have gotten full green fishing fashion today!!!!

Re: New players and chest?!

Well I tested it on my main which is around 3 years old i opened 120 got bunch of Lixs and some poop fashion which is worthless and pet/mount tokens. On my newer account roughly 6-8 month old and I open 120 chest and got black woad, dragon egg, red lan top, pink hunter pants bunch of Lixs and pet/mo...

Battle mounts, IDEA!!!?

I find the battle mounts a really good idea and all but as a Druid I find myself dieing a lot going to bosses and it kinda get annoying cause When I spawn back in sometime I die literally 2 second later after I bring the mount back to life. I was wondering instead of using a whistle ever single time...

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