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Re: is this true?

ok lets set things straight rogues can kill any class there is no game code that makes it impossible for rogues to kill mages or rangers, now for pvp same thing applies and I have beaten mages and rangers many times in pvp it all depends on your build and tactic and the enemies build and tatics

Re: New scavenger items

We mages are the most underplayed class (and underpowered for leveling) so we need all the help we can get. Don't hate on us please. Trust me, Even as a mage the items arent that spectaculatlr, I'm probably going to use the warrior shield, which shows how good the caster offhands are for my build. ...

Re: New scavenger items

what about the helm that does pierce damage? I dont think it is over powered if thats why bloodlust was taken out and a pierce damage helm isnt in the scavenger shop. if anything is overpowered its mages, especially with the new items.

New scavenger items

I was rather dissapointed with the new scavenger items. All of the itmes seem to be heavily mage based. All of the new offhands do fire magic or cold damage wich is usless to rogues and warriors. The scavenger helmets do magic damage or increased focus. The warriors have some sheilds that are useful...

Re: Rend consistency

nah i was confused at first too, but it depends on the mob you attack, as it is a skill move, and there are the new skill dodging/resisting abilities, your skill moves will sometimes do less damage. Nah pigman I don't think so my quick strike and sneaky attack is much more consistent and my regular...

Rend consistency

Leveling in the other world when I hit enemies with my rend (intial hit) the rend would hit normally 150- 250 somewhere around there but then somtimes it would hit only 15 or 20. I don't think that is supposed to happen is rend bugged?

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