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SELLING By Nutella

Serious offers please . I can be contacted through forums, pm Nutella in game, or Ange in WeChat. Happy shopping :mrgreen: Gear: 200 Dex/Foc Garanak Spirit Neck 100 Vit 500 Energy Garanak Stone Ring 100 Dex 500 Energy Garanak Frost Ring 50 Str 150 Att Comrak Blood Ring 50 Dmg Aggy Ring 40 Dmg Aggy ...

Re: Server rules question

The discussion was about a certain group of people that loved it when they were called to a boss but never returned the favour. Above said "discussion" was locked by Wulver = end of topic discussion. No need for your transference hate and passive aggressive comment. Furthermore, in regard...

Re: Server rules question

Dear lugh I am going to quit ch. Gave my account to a friend(ik no sharing passwords etc). Idc if he scams me or not, don't try to ban mizza. Will maybe be playing in the holidays but idk yet. Still available on kik/wechat and will look at forums sometimes. Thank you for the great time and maybe il...

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