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Re: Time to sell dragon lord

If this rule gets passed tzunami's ban was pointless. "People" I made the thread; and while that may have been a point it was merely an addition to the main reason which was his awful behaviour and poor choices. How is Tzunami's ban even relevant to this topic. From what I can see, most a...

Re: mage lvl requirement vote

Poisonouslugh wrote:nothing a support mage can do that any other mages at the fight are already doing.


1. Lures don't stack.
2. Dmg completely nerfed.
3. 15 lvls lower Nature's Touch, Embrace, Breadth etc. can be higher than 10 lvls lower AND can be stacked on tank.
4. Need I go on? LMFAO.

Re: Blocked Dm

If you have someone blocked, why DM. You can't see his/her roll due to YOUR decision to block him/her. If someone you blocked is DMing, unblock then reblock post dicing. Once again, you don't know what dropped due to YOUR decision to block him/her. You can't see their roll? Or you blocked the DM? Be...

Re: Hermeneutic of Generosity

Very well written Ak. +1 The key point is hermeneutics, which has been structured by misinformation and disinformation. Previous attempts at communication were masked by personal biases, both warranted and unwarranted, that should be set aside to allow for a compromise. To ensure damage control so t...

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