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Re: Tzunami

Tzunami Lugh wrote:Ikr. Lol. Btw i think ill go full dps not pvp anymore eheh

What do you call a dead dog? You in arena bro! <3


Re: Tzunami

DanyMerlin98 wrote:Hey Babe welcome back! Ofc i vote +1 i got a second changes so why u cant have it too..IM play ing well now and IM sure u will do the same as mee!

You 2 dogs not good together lol!!

Re: First full mage edl set

Its a fact that mage stuff is alot easier to get then warrior, not depreciating. Also, to be honest mage edl isnt a good armor set, has the worst stats of any classes edl. LOL so easy that u can get it, right?!? LMAO :lol: quit the talking here prove ingame ur worth... :lol: Have some respect for t...

Full War EDL

Congratulations to lugh's biggest pig Neero on 1st full war EDL!! And Lugh's 2nd full EDL to first druid set. :mrgreen:

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