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Re: Amount of gold held

Shazta how do u make that much in accounts no it doesn't pay 6 figures Immediatley u gotta be Oldy lol Can you talk English ? Why are you making fun of him when he earns actual money compared to your 69 mill in game? You don't gave to be old to make good money. It's accounting not accounts. You can...

Re: Are you kidding me???

Ok then don't say anything at all to the other clan, just don't come here on the forums complaining about something that is a clan-clan issue. Muldar gave his voice on this and clearly you guys screwed up on something, go figure out what you screwed up on and figure out what you can do next time to...

Re: Amount of gold held

Networth has increased since last posting I have als created a healthy portfolio of rares and some day trading items loxs etc I'm curious to see any of your guys most precious rares. I'm at 69million right now I believe give or take a few mil

Re: Dicing

Just don't dice in the first place. It's foolish to try with tilted odds, your just gonna lose in the long run. And if anyone ever feels the need to dice, think of how you'd be without the gold you are about to gamble. Almost everyone who ever diced that I knew never thought about the losing part. ...

Re: Dicing

I dont understand why u would dice with a level 5 lol if a person is using a alt there hiding there main. And why would someone legit need to hide? Easy only dice trusted hosts. There are strategies to winning dice. it adds content and keeps people entertained, i was a host for a long time always p...

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