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Re: Hey everyone

Chelsea wrote:Do you have a pacific role?

Yes, tell us about yourself. I promise I will not kidnap you...unless need be. 0:

Well I'm just getting settled in, but I'll be helping to answer support messages from in the game and keeping an eye on all of you on the forums as well 8-)

Re: Hey everyone

Welcome, Dexxa! Great to see more staff on the forums. Tell us a bit about you! Hobbies? Achievements? Food (I like that topic)? ;) Hey Voldemort :) Well I don't really have time for hobbies at the moment, I'm either here at work or helping to look after my new 1 week old daughter :) But when I hav...

Hey everyone

Hey folks, this is just a quick intro to say hi.

I've just started at OTM is part of the Support Team and will be hanging about on the forums too when I get a chance. Feel free to come and say hi :)


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