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Re: How to be a Professional DPS Ranger

enterage wrote:I could argue into the finer detail but it's a good overview for Rangers to read through
Nice ammount of effort put in to writing this up hope 100% of Rangers who don't know how to be a ranger read and take something from it and use it ingame

What finer details is there to argue?

Re: Update - Changes - Beta

And so they should cater for our needs and our gameplay, I pay them for a service and I'm happy they're appearing to pull their weight on that for once. Fact is the there is more players in big clans than there is in small antisocial clans so it's doubtful they'll cater for a minority that don't hel...

Re: Update - Changes - Beta

absolutely NOTHING again for smaller based clans who can only get a 1 full group at a time .... where is our dungeons where smaller clans can actually get online in time reasonably and actually kill something with a meaning. this is also leads ...OTM your boss lock system and end game is now gettin...

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