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Will we be able to do a face swap with all these new face/hair we're getting this update? Also while we're at it, a gender change would be kind of cool.


Does arawn have a place for auctioning thing? And social stuff? Is it band or something else?


Buying Skain frost root set and blade leaf Skain ring, paying very good.

Re: Strength or Dex?

I'd go full dex, and have lux boosting damage, so since I'm level 200 I have a total of 3-4k hp (mostly from lux and gear) ammy, since the new orstara dex ammy give energy I got the strn (adds 100 heat, 200 stern, 1k hp) misc: sun fire claw (or I guess the icecrystal hp brooch would be good to) brac...

Re: Solo melee build?

What I would do is have full radiant, and anything adding damage rather than strength, most of my points will go in dex (for attack) and some in vit (favor dex more) axe offhand, totem from shop. Run with double attack, shield of bark, abundance, energy boost (if your player is still old enough) an...

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